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The Neptune Anthology

Neptune hulked aloft in the long-rayed sunset.   The
name Neptune sounded like a God you could have a beer with,
and talk sports and chicks.   He might have nickname like "Big Tuna"
or something.    His counterpart, of Greek persuasion, seemed more standoffish.   Elitist.    I guess a God comes by that honest.   Whenever I saw him I was compelled to recite a version of Jim Morrison's little rant about 'Petitioning the Lord with Prayer'.   CAN you petition the Gods with prayer?   Jim shrieked an emphatic "NO".   I wasn't so sure.
But I was sure that you better be careful what you ask for.
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  • Balcony
  • Iron Gate
  • Ocean Pool Slide
  • Colorful Stairs
  • Outside wall along street
  • Wall with shrubs
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I decided it would be fun to petition some real writers with the quandary.  With permission from the Board of Governors and the help of Book Doctor Garrett Cook we launched a call for submission of short stories based on my evocative photo of the Sea God presiding over the parking lot of the Mazatlan Aquarium.  We received so many great entries that it was hard to pare down to a final cut of five.   The winner, Lynn McSweeney, received a modest prize but all the stories were really good.  These stories are presented here.  Anthology music was written, performed, and recorded by Kris.
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